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Summer Challenge Weightloss Class

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  • Date: Every Monday until July 9, 2018
  • Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

June 4- July 9, 2018

(6 weeks) Every Monday at 10am starting on June 4.

Week 1: Introduction/ How to read food labels (Colleen Smith, BS, LMT)

Week 2: Don’t let the internet tell you what to eat (Della Schultz, RD)

Week 3: The importance of exercise and a balanced lifestyle (Colleen Smith)

Week 4: How to stay active at home (Lauren Carr, MS)

Week 5: Food does not control you (Colleen Smith)

Week 6: Don’t fall off the wagon! (Colleen Smith)

Cost: 6 weeks for $60, and if you hit your goal weight, you get $30 back at the end.

Every week will include:   a weigh in, 10-15 minute talk, healthy recipe hand-outs and peer accountability. The class will be 30-45 minutes MAX.

You can register by visiting the Spring Hill Baptist Activities Center or click here to register online.