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Music Ministry

Join us for the 32nd Presentation of This Is Christmas!
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“Of all our responses to God in reverence and love, one of the most enjoyable is that in which the whole being expresses its praise and commitment in music and song — a song that stretches every fiber of a person in giving the best that is in him to the God who gave him life, then gave it to him again, abundantly, in Christ.”  

Virgil E.Foster

The music ministry at Spring Hill Baptist Church offers many opportunities for all ages to be involved.  A love for Christ and a desire to give Him your best are all that is required for you to use your musical ability to minister to others.

We invite you to follow the links to the many different areas of the music ministry and find a place where you can join us.  If you have any questions, please call the music office (251-342-5320) or contact a member of the music staff.